Dust Shoe Brush source

Hi Guys! I built my own dust shoe a while back that has worked quite well and cost me practically nothing other than the cost of a cheap paintbrush. I did take crack at making my own brush by cutting and gluing bristles from said paintbrush. This was a pain, a big mess that my wife did not appreciate, and took a ton of time.

I know this shoe is rough, but it works very well. 20x20 Extrusions are attached to the X axis extrusion using spacers to get them up above eccentric nuts just to avoid any interference. Arms were machined from hardwood to allow them to slide up and down in the 20x20 extrusion and are held in place with grabber screws that press against the extrusion to provide a friction/jab(technical term of course) lock. I went with a two piece design plate for easy bit access. The plate was made from 3/8" birch plywood and some plexiglass sheet material to make a view window. It is held in the arms with two pieces of kabob skewers. I plan to add retention magnets in the future but probably not until I redo the arms altogether. The brush was made using a cheap Paintbrush to create chunks of brush strip that were then hot glued into a slot on the bottom of the dust shoe plate. Before I get thrashed for this terrible execution, please know that I am aware this lacks any elegance. It does, however, it is quite effective and prevents me from feeling any need to spend MUCH more on something like a SuckIt system (looks to be a fantastic product, just outside of my discretionary spending budget)

Now, for the purpose of this post.

I would like to replace the brush with something that is purpose built but I am having a hard time finding a good source for flexible strip brushes that will ship to hawaii for an affordable price or that isnt a bulk roll with 100x more brush than I need. Has anyone bought more than they need that they might be willing to sell and ship or can anyone offer some insight as to somewhere that I can buy a small amount for an affordable price that wont charge more for shipping than for the brush itself?


needs to be longer than 1", strip will hopefully be 0.125" wide or narrower, needs to be flexible.

@BobJewell, can you offer any insight?

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Just a thought…



Here is the link to McMaster Carr.

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Great minds think alike!

Looks very similar to what I made for my machine and I went the dollar store paint brush path as well!
I do recall a link somewhere, (amazon?) that had a bristle strip with a fabric mounting that could be either glued or stapled to a surface but with a quick look into the digital rainforest i could not locate it. but I did find other options that may work for you.
And you are right, Gluing bristles is a P.I.T.A.!

McMaster-Carr easy cut strip brushes are the way to go. You can trim the bristles to your desired length and there’s a rubber strip holding them together that allows for easy attaching.

McMaster wants $23 to ship $9 worth of strip brush. Can’t stomach that.

Has anyone ordered long strips that would want to sell and ship a small amount?

i have extra. how much do you need?
the piece i have left after doing mine is 19" long, by 2.75" tall (but easily trimmable) can have it for free if you’ll cover shipping


Here it is on eBay, free shipping

Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/132117529835

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Oh yes I would take that for sure. I haven’t measured exactly but it should be more than enough. Would it be a hassle for you to get it to a post office. If you give me your address, I can create and provide a label you can print that you could slap on a flat rate USPS box.

Do you mind sharing the drawing?
Kristian / Sweden

The drawing for…?

the dust shoe

If it still exists, it would be in vcarve 8.5 format . I’ll check this evening and send you a P.M.

I will put mine up as well.