Dust shoe hard to attach?

It is hard to get my dust shoe on which usually results in the spindle moving a little and throwing off my x,y zero. I am using the dust shoe that came with my X Carve. Am I doing something wrong or is there some trick I am missing?

I am not real sure about the inventables dust shoe but your router should not be moving. Is your $1 setting set to 255 or 0. You should have it set to $1=255.You also may need to change your dip switches but i am not sure which ones but surely someone will chime in on that.

It is set to 0. What would changing it it 255 do?

You would need to go up to the top and click on Machine>Advanced>Machine inspector then in the Console type in $$ and hit enter. That should bring your settings up. If $1=0 you need to change it to $1=255. Just type in $1=255 and hit enter and it should change it.

What does that change do?

It helps lock the stepper motors and keeps them from moving during a tool change. Also like i said you may need to change your dip switches to but i am not sure which ones to change.

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Oh excellent, thank you

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The manual alternative to that is to use bar-clamps to local the axes in place. Doesn’t need a lot of force. Of course re-homing after a bit change works to remove the problem anyway.