Dust shoe made from 5mm acrylic (files included)

Hi - I just wanted to show my fancy dust shoe that I made because I have no friends.

It’s a hose-clamp style design, like the KentCNC models. The brush is a 2" flexible from McMaster-Carr - they’re very stiff, so it’s trying hard to pull away from the velcro. If anyone has any tips to make it more flexible, like hot water or a hairdryer maybe?

The material is just about a 315 x 285 x 5mm piece of extruded acrylic, a couple nuts and bolts, and some crazy glue.

You can see the Fusion 360 file here: http://a360.co/2EsUTEK



Doesn’t it cause issues having the shoe move up and down with the router? Have you used it?

This is a fixed style one - the brush is soft enough to bend when the blade starts working downward, so there’s really almost 2" of play there.

Here’s a KentCNC one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8ehFKTjZN4

It looks like it wouldn’t work, but it does :sunglasses:

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I use the KentCNC dust shoe on my x-carve and it works very well.

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I was over-engineering these designs that used aluminum slides to stay level with the work and brackets that attach to the z-carriage. Once I saw the KentCNC fixed shoes, I just simplified everything and it’s working perfectly for me now. You really don’t need to have anything more than a fixed shoe attached directly to the router, unless you’re planning on putting a stiff brush on it that won’t flex as you work downward into the stock.

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