Dust Shoe Mods

The new dust shoe has both some big pros and cons. I have a number of hours on my machine already and I have found that the new mounting system is secure and convenient. The one huge drawback is the opening at the top of the shoe around the spindle is very large and allows a lot of material to escape. I would estimate as much as 20% of the waste material is escaping from the top of the shoe. I have cut a cover that closes the opening to just larger than the spindle. That seems to help quite a bit.


Hey David, thanks for posting this. Would you be able to post a few images of the cover in action once it is installed?

Thanks, I have already been using it and it works well. Here are the pics per your request. I need to move the front hole on the next cut as it doesn’t quite line up.

Here is also a quick light mount I made;


Loving the light mod, and I’m going to pass your dust collection cover over to our hardware team, great idea!