Dust Shoe Project

After looking at many designs for dust shoes I decided to design and print one on my 3D printer. I designed this on Fusion360 and printed it on an Ultimaker 2+. The spindle fits into the top section and vents through the top holes and is sealed from the bottom chamber where the dust passes through. The vacuum tube pulls air up through the interchangeable nozzle around the cutter which can be swapped for one with a larger hole for larger cutting bits. Generally I just use the same one which is about 25mm diameter. It collects about 95% of large chips and pretty much all of the fine dust. A good thing I find about it is that you can see the cutter in action and can react to anything nasty that may happen during the carve.


We like to see it in action.

Do you have a “real photo” of it attached?

I’d love to see how it looks as it moves along!

Photo of it attached to the X-Carve. I’ll upload an action video when I’ve fitted my new VFD. My current one sends the x-carve whappy so the x-carve is out of action at the moment.

care to share the STL? Interested to convert this for use with the DW611…

Happy to share the stl files
Body.stl (8.8 MB)
Nozzle.stl (6.0 MB)