Dust shoe using acrylic

good evening folks! I 3d printed my dust shoe and ready to assemble it. my question is using acrylic often. does anyone have an issue with the brushes scratching the acrylic? or is there a recommended skirting to use on the dust shoe that wont mess up the acrylic as it drags across. thank you

This brush will not scratch acrylic.
I make edge lit signs and it works great.
mcmaster carr

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ok thanks for the tip, which length and height of brushes if you don’t mind me asking? I do almost all acrylic lit signs so this will help a lot. also is it difficult for you to change the bits with the shoe in place?

The suckit dust shoe comes with a 1" brush.
But i found it to be too short. ( I was running into my clamps)
I replaced it with the 2" and cut it down to 1.25"
Works perfectly.

I appreciate the help. I will go with that. Last question. Do you take it off when you use a V bit? Since it’s so close to the collet? Or do you not insert the V bit all the way

I always use the dust boot.
I do not have the thin insert attached to the shoe so my router can go completely through the shoe.
Also leaving the the insert off of the shoe will not adversely affect performance.