Dust Shoe V2 - Now with 2X Suction & Cyclone Power!

So it seems that I can’t leave well enough alone. I made another dust shoe.

I wanted to try my hand at a dual suction design, and wanted to create a suction path that would match that of the cutting bits rotation.

Connects to the X- carriage with a few blocks of wood and some wing nuts.

Fully adjustable up and down with 100% Z axis clearance. Plus its only 3/4" thick, same height as the 611 collet.

I normally don’t use a skirt, I let the shoe hover about 1/8" above the work piece and capture 99% dust. But I thought I would make one any way.


How clever…

Do you loose much/any X axis travel with this design?

Very nice! I was wanting to make a dual hose dust shoe, but didn’t think about the cyclone part…great idea! I too am curious if it limits your x-axis travel.

@GeoffSteer @Tarry_Brindle
The shoe does extend 1" past the carriage on both sides. Sounds crazy, but I already started to design another that won’t loose any X axis movement. I really don’t think I’ll be satisfied until have 100% clearance on all axis.


Will this new design be a pen and paper effort or will there be design files so we lazy people can take advantage of your hard work? :grinning:


By design, won’t the least amount of air flow be at the center of the vortex?


Bill you raise a good point, so I did some slow-motion video with my camera to test this. I was surprised to find that there are two vortices that are created between the cutting bit and the vacuum inlets. Testing aside and under actual useage I found all the carvings I have done with it so far have yielded excellent results. Here is the slow motion video.


@NickHomrich I get a message ‘That page is private or doesn’t exist’ when trying to view the video.

Try removing http://discuss.inventables.com/ from the link. Quite a few videos on here have the issue where it misses the http:// from the link so it adds http://discuss.inventables.com/


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Yeah I see the video doesn’t work, I tried uploading it directly from my phone. Ok, I am going to try YouTube and get a new link up.

Excellent demonstration of how well your dust shoe works, two separate vortices. There’s a lot of dust drawn in under the skirt as well. It would be interesting to see how the air flow is affected when the centre hole is partially blocked, as it would be by the router collet.

Thanks allot, the video link now works!

sweet design! any chance we could get the dxf for the bottom? :smiley: