Dusting off the Shapeoko 2 - crashing into gantry - can anyone help? :)

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I have dusted off the Shapeoko 2 and upon running my first project, it kept stopping mid carve (with Easel) so I (stupidly) decided to update the GRBL - that all went fine until I tried my first test carve again - looked like it was going to work as it stopped over where it would usually start lowering the bit, but then it decided to head off and crash into the rear corner of the gantry. Mad panic and some cursing later I reset the position and tried sending the g-code with UGS instead, but it crashed into the x gantry. As it’s the Shapeoko 2 there are no limit switches and therefore no soft endstops or any of that jazz.

Does anyone have any idea of what I’ve done wrong and how to go about fixing it?

Thanks in advance,


I use UGS. My GRBL is set so that when homed, it thinks it is about 30 inches from zero. I home my machine first, and then close out and reopen UGS. That leaves the machine zero and work zero as zero. You may have to click reset zero to get them to read that. Try that and see if it makes a difference. Also make sure you don’t have a point outside your drawing area. That is enough to make the machine go there and cut it. My Xcarve was an S2 that I added the improvements to. They made a huge difference and I can actually get pretty accurate cuts now.

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Thank you Martin, really appreciate you taking time to comment. There are definitely no points outside, but I’ll try the homing method you suggest once I’m home. Cheers again.

Apparently GRBL can be reflashed so home is where the switches are on the Xcarve, but I’m not swift enough to do that without an expert next to me…LOL.

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The restart on UGS didn’t work unfortunately - I am at a complete loss as to what to try next.

I’ll try another re-flash and see if that helps, but I doubt it will.

Thanks again for taking time to help.

You may need to clear the eeprom first, try this link :-

Then reflash grbl.
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