Dw611 grinding sound

So after rebuilding my wasteboard, I drew a box in Easel to surface it, trying to take 0.03" off. About half way thorough, I noticed that my Dewalt DW611 started to sound differently than I had heard before when it got into deeper cuts. I was using a 1" bit, 40% stepover, 40 in/min. Apparantly, my torsion box everything is mounted to is slightly unflat, as the X0/Y0 corner was cutting right at 0.06". When it was cutting this deeper amount, the Dewalt would start to “growl”, but almost sounded like a square wave going through speakers.

I haven’t ever replaced brushes in it, but it has never given any indication that it would need them. I have no idea how many hours I have on it, but as compared to some heavy users, it is low.

I’m wondering if the sound is an indication that I need to look at the brushes, or if it was simply that I was starting to push the power envelope of the router with double the cut depth that I was planning on.

If anybody who has experienced brush failure could comment on symptoms prior to the brushes going out, I’d appreciate it!


Growling sounds like bearing . Unplug it and check for tight spots when you spin the chuck Check for end play and in and out movement. If it was real bad you would see it in your carves. Could just be the bit I’ve noticed different sizes have different tones.

My brushes made a grinding sound before they went out as well

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Thanks all. It sounds like I need to get some brushes on order. I really don’t see how I could have 150 hours on the machine, but some what I’ve done has been very abrasive and I usually don’t have any sort of dust collection, so it is feasible that mine are wearing faster than typical. I guess, worst case is they sit in my parts box for another year before I need them :slight_smile:

I got about 100 hours on my first set of brushes

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How long did you have to wait for it? :drum: ba-dum-tssh. :grin:

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