DW611 Relay On/Off Upgrade

Still waiting on my X-Controller to come, so I haven’t been able to fire her up just yet. I started setting up a small project box that would house a 5V relay that can be triggered from the X-Controller to activate the router.

Power is then sent to a toggle switch with safety cap

And the router cord was clipped and I added a c13 socket to the box … so now the power for the router is inside the drag chain.

Ignore the mess, tools are all over the place!

realy nice ! (apart the mess LOOL )

i like where you put it, and the fact you add an safety cap
it’s always tricky to turn on the dewalt with the normal switch

i’will add this on my to-do list !

I happen to have that relay and it’s rated at 10Amp, So I gave it a whirl… If it begins to overheat , I’ll have to end up switching over to the solid state relay.
My biggest reason for this setup, was getting
a redundant saftey switch near the router and setting up a short plug for the 611.


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The X-Controller we ordered has the push button stop and that will be located by The side of the machine and the main power supply shut down.

The saftey switch I added is more about redundancy , I don’t want myself or anyone operating the machine to have the opportunity to “trust” that the spindle is safe to do a bit change on simply because the relay is off.

The red switch guard makes it super easy to visually see that the power is off

Thanks for all the feedback guys!


totaly agreed !!
i did a mistake a day… i push the wrong button changing the bit…with the “tool” in to unlock the bit
it wasn’t the “yellow” lock button at the bottom on the dewalt, but the power button a the top

yay you can think “what kind of moron could make that mistake”
well…me in an hurry…

chance for me the tool just flew at my oposite direction

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Happens to the best of us. I certainly am not trusting my hands to a $5 relay and controller.

My issue with machines like this , is they give you a false sense of saftey. It just doesn’t look that dangerous until it is.

Like when your working with a table saw … You know it can bite you if you slip up… So you tend to at least be more aware.

A CNC router is way too easy to do something as simple as try to inspect your work or cleaning something off while it’s running and getting too close to the router bit.

My big red switch can be shut down very easily

Maybe I’m being overly cautious (if that’s possible) but I like knowing I can power down the business end of this thing very very easily.

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Safety measures. Nothing wrong with extra caution. Very good.


It’s a good addition if you’re able to get to it in time. I’ve got a somewhat similar setup with my big red button on the front-right corner of the table and power switches on the left side. One power switch provides a power override so I can turn it on with the X-Carve itself off.

I’ve gotten in the habit of shutting the power off on the top when I change bits. That way even if I accidentally bump the power override, the bit just sits there and stares at me instead of taking off a finger.

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