DW611 Router Alternatives

My second DW611 router crapped out in less than a year. I replaced the brushes but it’s still not working. I don’t have a dust collection system set up so I’m assuming sawdust is getting into the motor and causing premature failures. I am working on getting my dust collection set up now so it doesn’t happen again.

Before buying another 611 router, I wanted to ask if there’s anything else out there that’s better? I was looking at the Hitatchi M12VC (Now “Metabo”) as well as the Dewalt 616 and 618. I am wanting to find the most powerful corded router that will fit into the existing 611 gantry mount. Unfortunately, the 611 is sold out literally everywhere in my town and I don’t want to wait for it to be delivered.

I am also open to buying a spindle rather than a plunge router. If anyone has suggestions, please post links!

I only cut wood at this point.

Have you tried Bosch Colt? I have a Bosch and a DWP611. My 611 is on my XCarve and Bosch on a BObCNC. I think the you could squeeze the Bosch into the dewalt mount as it is 70mm diameter which is only 1mm larger than Dewalt. The Bosh actually has slightly better specs. I actually like it better. Has all the same features as the dewalt like soft start, auto rpm adjustments etc. it’s quieter than my dewalt too. $139.00 at Lowe’s.


Going to give the Bosch a shot. Thanks for your helpful reply!

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I’m having the same issue, please update us if the bosch works, I tried ordering a dewalt replacement in december and it wont be here until march

I’ll keep you guys posted once I decide on a replacement. My gShield controller and y-axis stepper motors all decided to blow up yesterday so I had to drop $500 to buy an x-controller and new stepper motors. I am going to replace the brushes on my 611 for now and will let you know once I upgrade.

Thanks for your comments!


Can you please let me know the model no of the Bosch Colt router? When I searched couple of Colt comes up, like 1 hp and 1.25 hp.

these ones cannot replace a router. Those run with 400Hz, need a special device.

These are not a “Dewalt” replacement that is true.
However they certainly can replace a router but do need a VFD-unit to drive it. Often these VDF-drives are bundled with VFD spindle.

I run a Bosch Colt 1.25hp. The 1.25 is 72mm. I just printed a holder. It’s hard to find a 72mm holder. 71mm is easier to find.

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