DW611 upgrade

Upgrading stock spindle on 500mm Xcarve to DW 611. Ordered the router and mounting bracket. What else do i need? or need to know? Is there a guide for this?


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I would also buy a 1/8" collet, NOT a collet adapter.

Either from Elaire Corporation or Precise Bits.


Thanks guys, I’ll look into the collet as well.

Yes! My single flute 1/8 bit will pull itself out of my adapter on my DW660 when cutting aluminum. No problems when using the 1/8 collet.

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You also need Solid State Relay to activate DW611. You can search forum covers plenty enough info.

Ok, so I assume I can just switch the 611 without the relay for now? Also, once i change the setup in Easel to the 611, does that significantly increase cutting times automatically?

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Thanks for all the help everyone. I have the 611 installed. Ran a few tests and seems to be working great. A couple questions:

1- What spindle speed should I be setting the DW611 to? I thought I read 1.5 was sufficient. Any tips here would be appreciated.

2- Speed and Feed - I assumed that Easel would adjust according to the new machine setup, but the settings were the same for my jobs. Should I not be relying on Easel to do this for me?

Speed setting 1
Easel do not take into account your spindle of choice so you should be able to bump it up a bit.
Your milage may vary.