Dwp611 Spindle Mount V Wheel Washers?

My Spindle mount, with the V wheels on the rails, seems to be about 1/32" too close to the z axis makerslide. It rubs against the acme threaded rod and straight up bumps into the delrin nut block. I could press on the threaded rod to get the nut out of the way, but it seems like a lot of deflection. What gives?

Most of us shaved Dewalt’s touching face. Some of us turned Dewalt about 30 degree to counter clock wise. You may want to try.

This was before inserting the router. What ended up being the solution was:

  1. Loosening the Z motor plate self tapping screws
  2. Attaching the spindle mount to the delrin nut block
  3. Adjusting the eccentric nuts
  4. Then finally retightening the Z motor plate while pressing back on the motor plate. This moves the self tapping screws toward the front of the motor plate holes.