DXF files to 3d product

I am looking to import a dxf that i purchased. I’ve had my x carve for a few months now, and im finally ready to dabble in 3d carving, however I have no found a beginning to end tutorial/info to help me along for my very first cut. Would anyone be willing to offer assistance? Questions currently in my head:

Once i have the file (created or purchased), do I just simply upload that file to easel?

When the file is in easel, is it as simple as pressing carve?

How many paths are typical for a 3d carve?

Obviously literally clueless. And information is greatly appreciated or even if you can point me in the direction of information/tutorials/videos

I found one of the best resources for 3D carving to be right here on inventables own site.

with that said as of this time Easel is not 3d capable in the CAD and CAM but only 3D capable in the Controller sending, you would need to edit your file in a 3D CAD program and generate your g-code in a 3D CAM program (usually the same program like Fusion 360 - Aspire - Meshcam) and then send that code to your machine with Easel or some other sender.

here is the video with the basic concept from start to finish. https://www.inventables.com/projects/kevin
just click on the video and they do a great job explaining it all.

Thank you! Quick question. Since the bits and tool paths are chosen in a different software, does easel know how to separate the roughing/detail passes? I.e. rehome automatically between each pass?

That’s done in whatever CAM software you generate your code in. Normally those switch up to be separate code or files. If it’s the same tool, some cam program will put an optional stop in. On my tormach which has an ATC no, it just would fly through and change the tool itself. but if I want to do manual changes it will stop as the tool number changes and it pauses and waits for me to change tools. Probing or homing is not normally auto-included in the CAM files (as that’s a tool change itself), but you can if you want to (since we don’t have an ATC, you’d only want to home once you’ve changed the tool out, but the x-carve has no idea you’ve done that so that’s a manual feature. Generally not a huge fan of adding in those things automatically since clamps etc can be in the way. When I do that stuff in Fusion for my Tormach I model the work holding to check for collisions.

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