Dxf import / Dado cuts

I’d like easel to be able to recognize slots like dados when importing a dxf. For instance, if I have a dado slot running across an entire board, the program sees lines, not a pocket to fill. If the slot is not connected to the edge of the part, it sees it. As a work around I have set the pocket .05" inside of the edge, but that makes it a pain when drawing it on CAD.

You may want to look into exporting the design as layers instead… or when they are imported into easel don’t select join, and instead join then after, that way you can join the datos separately from the outer perimeter.
If you like. Go ahead and upload the dxf, or email it to me, and I’ll show ya how to do it in easel with a quick video show n tell…

Try a box that goes beyond the edge of the board twice the width of the cutting tool.
as for the two lines, you’ll need to close the ends