DXF import not separating features

I have been importing dxfs for years into easel and just ran across this problem. I have an onshape CAD file that has an area that needs to first have a pocket cleared out and then an outside cut. When I import the dxf, it does not see the different areas as different and so is only allowing me to make changes to the entire model. Interestingly, when I tell it to clear out a pocket, it only sees the outer rim part. I have attached a link to the easel file, as well as an image of the clear pocket and an image of what the part should ultimately look like based on the cad model and the dxf file. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Link to easel project
lb1.dxf (256.7 KB)

Hey Betsy, i was able to accomplish the outcome you want. there are easier ways (like using a SVG) but this is how I did it using the DXF file… :point_right: :point_right: DXF design separation for pockets vs perimeter cuts - Inventables Forum - YouTube

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You’re amazing that you made a video to explain this! Thanks so much. I did try the firecracker explode app before posting, but it did not give me both shapes. I will try the other app but I also agree that this is perhaps not the most accurate solution.

I just exported an svg file of the same part to try your suggestion. I was able to get the rounded part to combine so that I could cut a pocket, but then the outer line gets combined with the arc so I cannot then define that to be cut full depth along the line. (See image). I am attaching the svg here again and an image explaining the problem. Any further explanation would be very much appreciated again!
Thank you so much! I’m now a subscriber for sure!

LB Drawing 1

This part is a student’s design so I will also have him go back and check his model in CAD. Maybe there is something weird about it that is making it not import as most other models have for me.