DXF to Gcode conversion

I just got my tech 2.8w laser today and I am so lost. I have a DXF file and I want to convert it to get G-Code for my new laser I am installing on my Carve. I have both Mac and Windows. Any help would be great. So far I have attempted to use:

But nothing really seems to work…
I am so confused and feeling very discouraged.
Simple-11-12-13-Creative-Commons.dxf_.zip (94.2 KB)

Check out this thread,

How to import DXF files into Inkscape/Easel perfectly to scale

this svg file that you should be able to load in easel

Thank you very much, but could you please share your method? I want to understand this process… you know the whole “give a man a fish vs teach a man to fish”. I’m trying to understand this laser process… if I wanted to use Easel for laser cutting would it be as simple as loading my drawing into it and then setting the bit diameter to a certain width and messing around with the speed and depth? I feel like I am missing something… all of the threads on this forum about lasers seem to talk about UGS and chilipepper for Gcode.


i have macbook pro and used adobe illustrator to convert the DXF to SVG.
if there are open line you need to join them. i used color to see what is open or closed.
then easel should be able to import SVG file to convert to Gcode.

what kind project you are building ?

This is actually the design of a printrbot simple 3d printer. I already have this product but over the past 2.5 years it has started wearing out and I want to rebuild it. This drawing came from the company Printrbot for free.