DXF upload

So we laid out a design in DesignCad with the Y axis longer than the X. To make it fit on my machine
we had to rotate the design 90 deg. so the X was longer than the Y. Easel happily imports the original
configuration but refuses to import the rotated design. Actually there is a tiny dot on the download box
that when imported to Easel and selected tells me my file is 306,180 in width and 139,489 in height.
Any info appreciated.
PS: is there any way to rotate an entire design in easel, all I see is Vertical and Horizontal flip.


Rotation Angle should turn your whole design.

Thanks for responding. When I went back to try your plan I realized the tool bar that drops down
when you"select all" was covering the “rotate box” at the top of the design. All’s well.
Thanks again.