Dynamic adjustment of spindle speed while cutting not working

I have upgraded the X-Carve in my makerspace to 2021 specs. In addition I also fitted a 1.5 kW spindle. Everything is working fine except for tuning the spindle speed during a cut. I can increase and decrease feed rate, but when adjusting the spindle speed I see no change.

Is this normal behaviour of Easel ?

I didn’t know Easel offered dynamic spindle adjustment during a carve?

When carving there is a control for Feed Rate overriding where you can dynamically change the feed rate. When the spindle is controlled via software, there is a similar control for the spindle speed. However the spindle speed does not change with the adjustment. It will display the change up or down, but spindle rpm is not changing.

Spindle is controlled by the 0-10V output.

I have the same issue.

Mark, when doing a carve, on the top right of the toolbar to the left of your progress indicator (pause & stop) are Feed Rate and Spindle Speed with + & - buttons to speed up or slow down.

I use the Feed Rate adjustment quite often - it is a great feature. I do find that even though I can adjust the Spindle Speed, it does not change. If I absolutely need to change the spindle speed, I use UGS instead of Easel.

I got my 1.5kw spindle wired to the 10v output for the first time tonight and had the same issue. Changed the spindle speed on screen but the output stays at ~10v.

Is this an Easel bug?

It is my understanding that the Spindle 0-10V connection is actually only an ON or Off at 10V or 0V and is not a varied output. It is intended only for to control an IOT Relay to turn on/off a router and not to vary voltage in order to control speeds…

For Spindle Speed Control you would use the Spindle (PWM) connection and depending on the inputs of your VDF (whether it takes PWM input commands or requires DC input commands only) you may need a PWM to VDC converter like this one.


Thanks for your reply Seth.

You are not correct. The voltage of the 0-10v output does vary to indicate the required spindle speed at startup. The issue is that during the carve, the spindle speed change control at the top of the screen does not change the voltage in real time. Unlike the feed rate which does change in real time.

Cheers Dean.

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