Each pass is offset x and y

I had this machine dialed in nicely it seemed. But something has changed. I’m experiencing offset on what seems like both x and y axis.

Testing a square shows drift on both axis. I’ve just tightened the belts and checked the set screws on the x pulley. I may not have the belts tight enough? Are they just stretching? I’m afraid to over-tighten them.

A few jobs ago I had an x-axis v-wheel rattle loose. But I’m pretty sure i had good cuts after i replaced it.

Thanks for any advice.


Your machine is missing steps.
The usual suspects:

  • loose pulleys (that are attached to the stepper motors)
  • under powered stepper motors. Have you adjusted the current on your GRBL shield?

Loctite will help with the loose v-wheel nuts and pulleys.

Would the current need to be adjusted over time? ie. it was cutting clean before.

I double checked the x-axis set screws and they seem good and tight.

I’ve got a couple questions, just to help try to isolate the possible causes. They’re not recommendations for things to check yet, so don’t go tweaking your pots just because I’m asking. :smile:

Do you have the 24V spindle? If not, what are you cutting with?
What directions are the drifts in (+X, -X, +Y, -Y)?
Do you have a method for checking your belt tension? If so, what is it?
Have you ever adjusted your pots?
What material are you cutting into? What speed and depth of cut?

Sure. Thanks:

  • yes 24v spindle
  • drift is up and to the right. (X+, Y+?)
  • never touched the pots
  • check belts by hand. Worked before. Don’t seem much different now.
  • material is MDF, using the standard settings. 1/8" bit.

How long have you had your 24V spindle?

I got the x-carve in July. Probably have run it maybe 4 hours total.

You might have one of the older 24V spindles that had known issues. Not that this is actually the problem, but it is at least a possibility. If it is the problem then give Inventables a call and they’ll get you sorted out.

Meanwhile, increase the voltage slightly to the Y-Axis POT and maybe the X just a little.

If you have a Dremel or similar rotary tool it might just fit perfectly into the spindle mount and you could at least use it while you wait for whatever replacement you get.

Also double check all of your V-wheels and make sure they don’t just spin freely or that they aren’t too tight… adjust eccentric screws accordingly. If you had something rattle loose then it is likely that something else might be loosening as well.

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I have a replacement spindle on the way. I’ll let you know if this fixes the problem. Thanks again.

I’m having the same issues… drift in x/y. A few hours of successful carves on 10mm MDF and its started drifting about 5-10 mm in both x/y. Currently ran 5-8 more tries on 15mm plywood, adjusted POTs and tightened/adjust screws and railings. Can’t get rid of the drift/offsetting.

Xcarve: 1000mm
Spindle: 24V ordered last fall.
Pots: I followed the videos, made slight POT upward adjustments and still have same problem.

The replacement spindle fixed my problem like a charm. Talk to support to see if yours is affected.

Okay, thanks. Ill check with them about the spindle.