Early Testing for Additional Depth Cut Through


Have you ever had a max-depth profile or pocket cut not go completely through the material? We’ve added the ability to toggle additional depth for specific volumes and could use your help and feedback in testing it.

To test this feature, enable beta testing from your Account > Options > Enroll in Beta. Afterwards, you can use the feature by selecting a volume, setting its cut depth to the material thickness and then selecting an option from the new additional cut depth menu that appears.



@HenryPhu I made a quick guide to activating this feature and what the feature does in my own words :smiley:


Hi Team works great on a 3018 Plus machine. Be nice if drop down allowed for 0.2mm as this would be sufficient most of the time for me. Great work.

Thanks for sharing, Its too helpful for me.

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Thank you for the feedback and early testing. We have moved this to general beta (meaning anyone who has enabled beta testing in the Options > Enroll in Beta Testing will have access to this).

Notable changes:

  • Different intervals based on unit (@Fozzie I just realized we added 2mm instead of your requested 0.2mm, we can update that before release)
  • Updated the additional depth toolpaths to be visible below the wasteboard:

Thanks again!

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