Early Testing for Project Labels


We have launched a Beta version of our latest Easel addition, Project Labels. Now you can add label to project to help with organizing and searching across all your Easel projects. For more information visit the feature page and sign up for Beta to try out this feature now!

All the labels created during Beta period will transfer to final version of the feature. Project Labels is an Easel Pro feature.


Also check out this video about the project labels feature made by @SethCNC!

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Do the labels created during free days of pro disappear or do they stay visible when the pro expires?

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Labels will be inactive and not usable if you lose your Easel Pro status. Labels are not deleted, as soon as you have Easel Pro back full functionality is re-enabled and all the labels are restored and visible.

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Great new feature. Issues I have is (i) tags are in random order - ideally they should be alphabetical and (ii) I would like to search on two tags.

I thought you could filter using multiple words…?


Brandon Parker

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You can, I did this in the above video example…