Easel 0.3.7

Hi guys

Where can I see if the Easel 0.3.7 is working

I have downloaded it, and installed it
but I don´t see the new feature in the program

why ?

I believe some of the new features of the driver also require a firmware upgrade of the controller to utilize. I’m also not sure if there is an official posted changelog of the driver to actually know what’s new.

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Not everything is about a new feature, most updates are about compatibility issues with specific systems and or updates to a system that causes failures.

Open your Machine Inspector (Machine -> Advanced -> Machine Inspector).
There you will see what software versions you are running (near the top); both GRBL and Easel driver.

Thank you Jeremy
I found it

It’s been asked for…not sure why the Inventables team are unable to provide a ‘what’s new’ page.