Easel 101 Video

I’ve started on a series of Easel videos that begin with the absolute basics.

I’ll slowly add to them over time and update here. I’ll even try to answer specific questions in video format as time allows.

There is no polish or production on these, just the bare bones.


Very helpful videos I dig them and look forward to more.

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Thanks for taking the time to do these! Very helpful.

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Thank You, Very helpful

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I currently zero manually. It’s something I need to sit down and set up. There are always 10 other things that I start doing.

I am going to do a quick a video on how I set up for zero. It is about as low tech as it gets but but has worked so well that I keep putting off setting up a touch plate.


radial array and inlay.


Great tutorials, this is helping me a lot just getting used to using Easel.

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Glad to hear.

I’m following your instructions for boolean, but not getting the same results as you. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but not sure what. I have 2 circles that I want to cut, at a point slightly off from center, on both sides. The end goal, is to then take the 2 semi-circles, and combine a smaller circle to each of the open ends, so that the original 2 semi-circles, becomes 1 semi-circle, with rounded tips. To ackomplish this, I drew 2 small rectangles, and laid them, one over each side of the 2 circles. The 2 circles are set to cut all the way through the material, whereas the rectangles are set to not cut at all. As soon as I combine the circles with the rectangles, the entire design goes black, except for the rectangle, which is now the only thing left of the design.