Easel 2 stages carving


i’m new for CNC and this EASEL. I saw a video that a guy uses 2 stages for carving by using beta features in the advanced setting. But mine has only enable pinning shapes.

Can you guys help me to get the two stages setting?

2 stage carving is enabled for all IIRC:



I thought 2 stages mean is changing bit during the curving.

If not, there is a way to change bits during curving?
When I used V bits it take way more time than END mill bits.
I want to use a END mill bit first and change to V bit for the detail parts.

Is there a way to do this with EASEL?

Just like Haldor said click on that + sign and you can add a second bit. Just make the first bit your endmill and second bit the vbit for the detail work.


lol, didn’t notice the + sign.

Thanks guys!!!


How do you keep the router in the same place while changing bits. Mine moved 2 inches.!

  • Make sure your GRBL parameter $1=255 (Always full current, maximum holding torque)
  • Open up your Xcontroller, locate the three red switch blocks, set each switch #4 to OFF
  • Dont man-handle the router :wink: