Easel - 3D questionable detail Passes

Hi Folks!

Generally haven’t had issues with the automated CAM, but I am trying to make a glass blow-mold and the detail carve pass render looks… inaccurate.

This is the edge of a model I made in Blender.

said Model looks like this:

I’ve found that If I add a lip, and drop the model away from the top of the surface, It fixes this particular issue.

However, it introduces a new issue, which is that the piece needs to be flush with the top to be accurate. for this particular piece, we’re holding the wood together with nails, so shaving the top off until it’s flush is out of the question.

Any recommendations? Are there any changes to the CAM process coming down the line?


Robin, Buck’s Rock Camp

Your initial photo issue is being causes by the model size plus the model position equaling a value greater than the material thickness.

Material thickness=3"
Model z size=1.767"
Model z position=1.3"

When the size plus position equals a value greater than the material thickness setting than the top portion of the model is ignored because it resises above the material.

I think this is the driving factor of what fixed the toolpath in the 3rd photo…

Something to look into and to keep in mind…

so lowering it below or to the edge fixes the one with the lip:

but not the one without the lip:

As shown, I’ve set the piece below the line, yet it still treats it this way. Unsure why i’d need to add a lip here to fix it- any thoughts?