Easel and Carve

I have my design centered on material in Easel but when it goes to carve it is too high and to the right any suggestions will be appreciated.

Share the project and photo of project please

Are your Easel project dimensions the same as your actual stock?
How are you setting zero?

Too high as in up/Y or up/Z ?

Sounds like you assigned Home Position (work zero) to stock center point aswell.

Easel Home position is always at the zero point of the design window.

Material dimensions are the same in easel and on the machine set work zero lower left corner going through the carve sequence

Too high in the y to the right in z

Don’t have pictures but mainly does it on small projects like 4x4 6x6

If you jog, making a jog command = 5" is the travel also 5" or perhaps 10"?

To assist us as good as possible please share your Easel file and specify where you set your Home Position (work zero)
To share click File - Share - Shared with link, copy link and click Save. Post link here.

http://easel.inventables.com/projects/TUwuKOesqBrIxXLK_QO8gw Work position is lower left corner

Looks alright, if you jog 5" is the travel also 5"?

New to this cnc stuff how do I check this

When you click the big green button that says Carve, a jog meny appear on the right side of your screen. Enter the distance to test and click once in one of the arrows, for instance right arrow.
Measure distance travelled and compare against entered value.

Will a 5" jog result in a 5" travel?

elieve i figured it out put work zero precisely in the left hand corner and it is carving good and centered like I want. Thanks for the help.