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Easel app suggestions

A DXF importer app

as currently design in a cad package and export out as a DXF > DXF into illustrator and save as a SVG > then SVG to EASEL

would be great to take a step out of the process

also would be cool to define the difference between cut lines and marking out (working out) lines (and these not cut lines)

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Thanks for the ideas guys, I think I’ll start with the dxf to svg converter :slight_smile:

I will keep you informed when I’ve made some progress!


that would be awesome and welcomed by many especially all the cad users

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Hi guys,

I’m working with inventables on the app and I’m ready to start testing some dxf files. I have tested some of mine and they all turn out great but to be more complete, I would like to test some of yours. If you have any, send me a private message and we’ll talk how to transfer them to me.

Thanks !


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This isn’t so much an APP suggestion as a feature of easel itself, but How’z about this… Since EASEL knows when you turn your spindle on (by asking you to verify it is on), Why not keep an ongoing log that totals the number of hours you have been running your spindle /DEWALT 611 (and make it reset able when you change the brushes)


Hi @JelleVanRegen

I sent you a file that I developed in solidworks, cheers Jady


I wold like to see some kind of wood joinery app. Like creating dovetails or boxjoints.

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Hi guys,

I’m pleased to say that I have been working with inventables on the DXF to SVG app. It has been released today for beta testing.

Two things you should know: DXF files should be encoded in ANSI 1252 (standard) and file size should be smaller than 2 MB. We are however looking into some ways to improve this.

Please reply here if you run into some bugs or any other problems and try to be as specific as you can.


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That’s awesome Jelle

where can it be found in the software, can you attach a screenshot or 2


It can be found in the “Beta” category in the App Library.

First click on the “Apps” button:

40 AM

Then click on the “Beta” category:

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that’s awesome, thanks for sharing

First of all, Thanks for the app. I’m trying to import a DXF from AutoCad but I get my file [mm] scaled down [factor 22.727272]; that’s not a big deal and easy to modify. The problem is that I cannot choose to cut (inside, outside o on the line and even fill)…
Some of the curves of the closed polylines are converted to lines
I’ve tried Autocad dxf 2004 version

Hi Ezequiel. Thank you for the helpful feedback! The scaling was mentioned before and I will have a look how we can fix this. Can you post your DXF here so I can try it myself? Thanks, Jelle

Longitudinal 4 popa.dxf (231.6 KB)
Here’s the file (I don’t know if I uploaded correctly); I’ve added a rectangle of 600x400 mm in order to help me with the scaling but it’s not part or the model

Hi Ezequiel, it uploaded just fine, thank you. Could you also maybe upload and SVG of this file with your traditional method? (inkscape, online converder, AI, …). This way I can compare both SVG’s and see where they differ. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried, with similar problems of scaling and lines not transferred properly… but I’m looking for going straight from Autocad to easel. I think it make sense to use a precision machine like XCarve is compatible with the use a precision software like any cad program. I will try with Inkscape
Longitudinal 4 popa (FROM INKSCAPE)

Hi Ezequiel, thanks again for your helpful feedback. You are absolutely right, it makes sens that a precision machine can import straight from a CAD program. I myself am using Solidworks and when I opened your dxf, I’ve noticed you used layers. This is where the conversion to SVG got confused. The layers make it so that one over-lapses the other one. If you flatten these before you export as a DXF, it works just fine. Here’s my version:

Longitudinal 4 popa-single-layer.DXF (42.1 KB)

Concerning the scaling, I will get back to you, I’m still figuring out what goes wrong there. Happy carving!

It’s already been said, but just putting in my 2 cents.

The scaling, I imported a tab 3d puzzle, into easel, and it shrunk down to a few inches in size, when realistically it should cut out of several 30x30 sheets of plywood.

(edit) ( I previously stated that I couldn’t switch between cut types, i.e. inside cut, outside cut, on path, fill. I found out that that was because I was selecting multiple Items, and if I select them one at a time, it lets me change cut types)

Hello everyone, I looking into buying a new Xcarve and wondering do I have to but Easel is I’m going to purchase Aspire? Do they work together? I don’t want to pay for something I don’t need. Thanks, Robert

Easel is very basic compared to aspire. Easel will act as the sender of the g code from aspire.