Easel as G-code sender

I am trying to use easel as G-code sender for Vcarve trial edition, I have downloaded the post processor file and then it says to copy the file into post p folder, but I can’t find a post p folder, anyone know where it is, I am using windows 10

On my Windows 10 machine, the location where the easel PP file goes is:

C:\ProgramData\Vectric\VCarve Desktop\V8.0\PostP


Not to burst any bubbles and I may be wrong but does the trial version of vcarve allow you to generate usable g code that can be run?

I do know that photo v carve, another vectric product gives a few sample files that can be run for demo purposes.

Yes there are a few that can be carved to test the machine

OK Kelly, thank you

I have added the post processor file to the post p folder and it still will not work , anyone had this problem

Hopefully the trial version works like the full version…

To open the post processor files, go to
File-> Open Application Data Folder…

Look for a folder labeled “My_postP” Try putting the post processor in their.
Restart the program and the post process should be in the drop down menu when Saving Toolpaths.

Note on using UGS
You need to edit the post processor, it is easy, it is actually just a text file you can open with notepad.
In the header section there is a command:
This is a tool change command that can cause UGS to do odd things it is best to remove it.

Also UGS uses relative addressing mode when manually jogging so you want to make sure you put it back into absolute addressing mode when running your code.
You can do this by adding this command to the header:

Final tip, I recommend using one of the nightly builds as the newer versions fixes a memory issue that caused UGS to choke on larger cut files.

Thank you Aaron, that was great information and all is working well now on Easel, except that I cant reposition the work with Vcarve trial so will have to buy the full version, I will try UGS next, I have downloaded the nightly version 2 and will edit the post processor as you said, do I have to change the relative addressing mode every time after jogging to absolute addressing mode, I have one further question should the limit switches work when jogging to stop the motors mine don’t. Thank’s for all your help

Thank you Phil, I have been searching the forum to find where to turn on soft limits, I am not sure I have set up GRBL correctly as I don’t see any $ sign menu or anywhere to type the $ command, have I missed something

Thank’s Phil
you have been a great help
my max travel settings are different to your’s
mine are
$130=790.000 (x max travel, mm)
$131=790.000 (y max travel, mm)
$132=100.000 (z max travel, mm)
do I have to change them to what you have, and if so how do I change them

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Your settings will vary slightly depending on your machine mods. If you have dust shields at the belts or a dust shoe, your X travel is going to be slightly smaller. If your dust shoe sticks out pretty far in the front or back, you’ll have a little less Y travel.

To decide what travel settings work for you, position the spindle in the middle front and make a mark on your wasteboard. Then move it all the way back and mark your wasteboard. Measure the distance, that’s your $131. Do the same thing side to side, that’s your $130. There’s probably no need to change the Z unless you’ve made some machine changes or added a thick secondary wasteboard.

You can easily measure the distance traveled by moving in 100mm increments from the front to back (and side to side) until you’re close, then move in 10mm, then 1mm increments until you’ve reached the other side. Just add up how many times you moved it in each increment, and thar ya go.

To change the settings, go to Machine Inspector’s command prompt and type $130=ENTERYOURNEWVALUE, then hit enter. Do the same with $131 and $132. Then hit the refresh button and reload Easel to verify the settings changed.

Thank you Robert, I have tried what you said but they do not seem to stop the machine from crashing into the sides, the new values are showing up correctly, when you say hit the refresh button what exactly do you mean, I have restarted Easel and restarted the computer but it seems to travel the same distance as before

Thank’s Phil, I will play about with it again today, now that I know where the refresh button is and I will home the machine this time