Easel bit screen

Is there a way to program and/or use more than 2 bits? All I see is a roughing bit and finishing bit. Can I program Easel to use 3 or more bits Rough Pass with a 3mm, Midstream with a 2mm and then Detail with a 1mm bit?

Not at this time.

You can use multiple workpieces (the bottom panel) and certain work-arounds like offsets to kinda trick Easel to get to this end result but the manual labor spent will negate the time savings within the carve… You’d be better off to use a 2 bits with like a 2.5mm (or a 3/32") and a 1mm in that scenario. to kinda reach a middle ground for the duration of the carve… That said I don’t use 1mm bits, they break way too easily.

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