Easel Bug: Odd Letter Spacing

I just cut a quick test piece to show my in-laws my new toy, er, tool, and am 95% happy with it.

It’s my wife’s name carved into a scrap piece of hardwood flooring and stained (thin stain crept along the grain under the original finish, dammit), but the spacing between the “D” and “elaney” somehow got expanded between the design and cut phase.

I blame myself because I only glanced at the cut screen to make sure there were no errors, so this could have been caught by me. However, what possible reason would there be for this to be different? I did these things to the words during the design:

  • Created word
  • Expanded long and tall as needed to fit, not diagonally (to scale)
  • Moved word to position inside ribbon
  • Rotated to fit inside ribbon outline

I also noticed that it completely cut the “D”, and then cut the “elaney” as a separate single piece. Makes sense since they are all connected, but maybe that information will be helpful to someone.

The project is at http://easel.inventables.com/projects/HvYa_3VsSgGhoIjFAAoArQ if anyone wants to look at the code. It was created completely in Easel, no other programs were used.

For V2 I am going to make sure I look at the cut screen, and if I see something like this I will likely just create the “D” and “elaney” as separate items and move them individually until they look better on the cut screen. But it sure seems like something I shouldn’t have to do.


It does look like it was probably OK until you manipulated it to fit the banner.

Suggest that the text kerning failed at this point. Potential bug I’d say.

I’ll have a play this morning and see if I can recreate.

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Hi Rob,

OK, it’s not a bug or at least what I thought it might be.

There is a spurious white space character between the capital D and the lower case e of Delaney. If you edit the the text be clicking on it to show the cursor you can cursor key between the characters. You need two presses to get between the D and the e.

Now if you didn’t enter whatever this extra character is, it’s a bug otherwise it’s user error :smile:

Video shows me simply deleting two characters after the D (but only shows one) and then reentering them and clicking the tool path generation. Seems to fix the problem.




User error isn’t outside the realm of possibility. :slight_smile: Odd problem, but I’m glad there’s an easy fix for it. Thanks Ian!

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No worries Rob. :smile:

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