Easel Cabinetmaker Updates: 1/08/2024 - 1/12/2024

Upcoming Developments

  • Bug fix for cast-shadows
  • Make toolbox and machine settings accessible in Easel Cabinetmaker
  • Update cabinet name defaults
  • Bit selection for CNC cut lists
  • Update room and cabinet thumbnails
  • Users can toggle tabs on/off for CNC cut lists
  • Add additonal cut depth to through-cut panels
  • Users can specify which cabinets to include in cut list generation
  • Users can specify which hardware-mounting holes to include in cut list panels
  • Add all users to Jobs
  • Add ability to edit job notes
  • Users can assign a contact/client to jobs

In Progress

  • Move the “Show All Cabinets” button to the 3D view
  • Settings menu in Easel Cabinetmaker
    • Ability to access Project, Machine, Toolbox, Feedback, and Help settings directly in Easel Cabinetmaker
  • Export option to send cut lists to Easel workpieces for additional editing
  • Add all users to Cut Lists
  • Construction review for sink base cabinets
  • Easel Cabinetmaker usability testing (ongoing)
    • Interested in participating in a usability test? Sign up here !

Released/Completed this week

  • Face frame logic for door cabinets
  • Users can remove a project from a job
  • Automatically create new lines for checklists
  • Bug fix for some existing Easel users not getting access to Easel Cabinetmaker when signing up
  • Bug fix for shelf settings being hidden for blind corner cabients
  • Exploration into simulating countertops

Thanks for reading! Please reach out in this thread if you have questions, comments, or feedback related to this update.

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