Easel Cabinetmaker Updates:11/20/2023 - 12/01/2023

Thanks again for your patience as we had another short week due to holidays!

Upcoming Developments

  • Investigate and fix sporadic irregular behavior with Other Costs estimates
  • Users can link existing projects to their jobs
  • Add ability to edit and delete job notes
  • Cabinet Compiler: Dado back panel
  • Cabinet Compiler: Fixed shelves
  • Cabinet Compiler: Minimal implementation of drawers
  • Construction review for 90° corner cabinets
  • Fields auto-populate with values from previous estimate for identical items
  • Specify material grain direction in nesting calculation
  • Track which panels have been cut
  • Users can specify carving bit in cut list creation
  • Users can specify which cabinets to include in cut list generation
  • Users can specify which hardware-mounting holes to include in cut list panels
  • Add existing users to Jobs and Cut Lists

In Progress

  • Update hardware mounting holes to 1/16" depth
    • This change will also resolve the issue of hinge plate mounting holes being drilled at 3/8" for certain instances where the hinge plate holes “overlap” with shelf pin holes
  • Investigation into Stripe billing and subscriptions
  • Remove “Jobs” tab and redirect to Jobs page in Easel Cabinetmaker projects, update to “Job” tab that shows individual Job overview within project
  • Cabinet Compiler: Implement blind dados
  • Cabinet Compiler: Minimal overlay doors
  • Cabinet Compiler: Toe-kick support
  • Fix to correct job notes disappearing after editing jobs
  • Outline migration plan to Jobs and Cut Lists for existing users
  • Easel Cabinetmaker usability testing
    • Interested in participating in a usability test? Sign up here!

Released/Completed this week

  • Updates to event metrics
  • Corrected position of drill holes for Blum TANDEM 563 drawer slides
  • Update default border width for shaker fronts to 2"
  • Carving (CNC manufacturing & controls) in Easel Cabinetmaker
  • Cabinet Compiler: Shelf pinholes
  • Cabinet Compiler: Empty upper cabinet w/ butt-joints and inset back
  • Cabinet Compiler: Adjustable shelves
  • Cabinet Compiler: Stack rendering
  • Cabinet Compiler: Grid rendering
  • Convert cabinet thumbnails to JPEG
  • Exploration of textures and styles for floors and walls
  • Textured floors and walls :tada:

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! Please reach out in this thread if you have questions, comments, or feedback related to this update.

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