Easel Cabinetmaker Updates:12/11/2023 - 12/15/2023

Upcoming Developments

  • Add ability to edit job notes
  • Users can remove a project from a job
  • Enable sorting/filtering job notes
  • Update cabinet name defaults
  • Bug fix for labor hours in Estimate
  • Update room and cabinet thumbnails
  • Users can rename cut lists
  • Users can toggle tabs on/off for CNC cut lists
  • Add additonal cut depth to through-cut panels
  • Users can specify which cabinets to include in cut list generation
  • Users can specify which hardware-mounting holes to include in cut list panels
  • Add all users to Jobs and Cut Lists

In Progress

  • Construction review for sink base cabinets
  • Create development environment for face frames
  • Build inputs and interface for face frame settings
  • Users can link existing projects to their jobs
  • Formatting improvements for the layout of job notes
  • Add ability to edit and delete job notes
  • Show CNC carve time estimate in Manufacture tab
  • Users can delete cut lists
  • Outline migration plan to Jobs and Cut Lists for existing users
  • Easel Cabinetmaker usability testing (ongoing)
    • Interested in participating in a usability test? Sign up here!

Released/Completed this week

  • Update door hardware mounting holes to 1/16" depth

  • Update drawer slide locking mechanism holes to 1/16" depth

  • When hinge plate drill holes and shelf pin holes overlap, use the depth for hinge plate holes (1/16")

  • Add ability to delete notes in a job

  • Link to the Job overview in the navigation for projects associated with Jobs

    • Projects that aren’t associated with a job will still see the Jobs tab, which will direct users to the Jobs homepage

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! Please reach out in this thread if you have questions, comments, or feedback related to this update.

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Awesome stuff. So how do we get access to the “Jobs” tab? If that’s already been explained elsewhere I apologize!



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Hey Jonathan! I sent you an email with more information :slight_smile:

For any other users wondering how to get access to Jobs or the new manufacturing workflow, please reach out to our team!

Thank you Natalie! :slight_smile:

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