Easel Cabinetmaker Updates: 2/26/2024 - 3/01/2024

Upcoming Developments

  • Unified log in page
  • Navigation to Cabinetmaker homepage from Easel
  • Remove Cabinets tab from Easel homepage
  • Include cabinet names in cut list print-outs and interface
  • Highlight the selected cabinet in the left-panel cabinet list
  • Easel Cabinetmaker homepage redesign
  • Bit selection for CNC cut lists
  • Users can specify which hardware-mounting holes to include in cut list panels
  • Users can assign a contact/client to jobs
  • Users can download g-code for all sheets in a cut list at once

In Progress

  • Onboarding tour for new users
  • Easel Cabinetmaker menu updates
  • Bug fix for inset drawer faces
  • Users can specify drawer width
  • Give all users access to Jobs
  • Chat/commenting improvements
  • Include additonal cut depth option for through-cut panels
  • Face frames in Easel Cabinetmaker

Released/Completed this week

  • Bug fix for job notes not showing correct dates
  • Bug fix for incorect calculation of shaker front dimensions on small faces
  • Integrate user-onboarding tour
  • Add creation date, cabinet count, and sheet count icons to cut list UI
  • Exclude gaps from the cabinet list in the New Cut List window
  • Allow resizing of cut lists window for smaller screen dimensions
  • Construction option for nail-on/overlay back panels
  • Updates to Estimates UI
  • All cabinet projects belong to a job

Thanks for reading! Please reach out in this thread if you have questions, comments, or feedback related to this update.