Easel Cabinetmaker Updates: 3/11/2024 - 3/14/2024

Thanks for your patience! - We were closed on Friday 3/15

Upcoming Developments

  • Improvements for job notes and checklists
  • Sample job for new users
  • Include cabinet names in cut list print-outs and interface
  • Bit selection for CNC cut lists
  • Users can specify which hardware-mounting holes to include in cut list panels
  • Client field in job details
  • Users can download g-code for all sheets in a cut list at once
  • Manufacturing and cut settings should use preferred units

In Progress

  • Ability to start a new project in a job with a cabinet template
  • Remove Cabinets tab from Easel homepage
  • Bug fix for nested face frame members in non-face-frame cut lists
  • Ability to specify grain direction to control panel rotation in nesting
  • Include additonal cut depth option for through-cut panels
  • Onboarding tour for new users
    • Some new users will find that they have access to the onboarding tour as we are testing this new feature.

Released/Completed this week

  • Improved optimization of nested panels in cut lists

  • Update thumbnails with new material textures

  • Jobs Dashboard design updates

  • Show job status on the Jobs Dashboard

  • Face Frame Finish Colors

  • Unified log in page for Easel Pro and Easel Cabinetmaker

    • Select “Easel Pro” or “Cabinetmaker” when signing in to pick which app you want to load!

Thanks for reading! Please reach out in this thread if you have questions, comments, or feedback related to this update.