Easel Cabinetmaker Updates: 8/28/2023 - 9/01/2023

Happy Friday, everyone!

We’re making exciting progress with functionality for cut lists and estimation in Easel Cabinetmaker. You’ll notice a new Estimate tab in Easel Cabinetmaker, which will soon house the new estimation tool. We’re also adding a new Manufacture tab, where users can generate Easel workpieces and printouts for CNC manufacturing, as well as printable cut lists for traditional/power-saw manufacturing methods. Stay tuned!

Upcoming Developments

  • Build framework for downloading and saving estimates
  • Update the “Share” button in the Design tab
  • Construction review for 90° corner cabinets
  • Users can select which parts to include in nesting output
  • Correct overlapping shelf pin and hinge plate holes
  • Automatically generate a detailed description of the project
  • Cost estimate tool for Easel Cabinetmaker projects
  • Cut lists for non-CNC manufacturing
  • Use the “all cabinets” view as thumbnail images for Easel Cabinetmaker projects

In Progress

  • Develop printable cut list output
  • Adapt cut list algorithms for cut list manufacturing
  • Move Nesting settings and functionality to the new Manufacture tab
  • Add Manufacture tab to navigation in Easel Cabinetmaker
  • Retain nesting settings when reloading
  • Bug fix for 90° corner cabinet door widths
  • Improvements to automated regression testing
  • Build cost fields for BOM information
  • Update naming schema for cabinets and panels

Released/Completed this week

  • Data model to represent panels and cuts for cut list output

  • Initial face frame construction investigation

  • Bug fix for blind corner cabinet duplicate Box fields

  • Expanded property and event tracking

  • Improved nesting algorithm for CNC workpieces

  • Printable cut list investigation

  • Update project thumbnail designation for cabinetmakers

    • This technical change is required to be able to use the 3D project view as the project thumbnail
  • Add Estimation interface and navigation + “Coming Soon” messaging

  • Add detailed cabinet count to BOM

  • Develop printable output for CNC workpieces

Thanks for reading, and have a great holiday weekend! Please feel free to reach out in this thread if you have questions, comments, or feedback related to this update.


Construction review for 90° corner cabinets

I noticed this when this was posted. I’m getting ready to build out a lot of cabinets (15 cabinets) for my shop using cabinet maker—I’ll probably start next week.

Is this something I should wait for? Or is the current cabinet design good enough? I’m OK with most of the cabinet maker results as far as I can see (except the drawers requiring expensive undermount hardware, for which I’ll just modify the final drawers one way or another).

Hey there, Phil!

We’re hoping to do this construction review within the next month. We are actually working on a drawer base cabinet construction review currently while we prepare for the 90° corner cabinet testing.

There are a variety of different ways to design and construct 90° corner cabinets. We’ve heard from some users that our current implementation of 90° or pie-corner cabinets matches how they typically construct these cabinets, but we’ve also gotten a few instances of feedback from cabinetmakers who use different techniques. In our construction review, we’re hoping to identify potential opportunities to improve the current construction and opportunities to add additional configurations to meet the various construction methods of our users.

I’d say it’s up to you whether you want to wait for this construction review and the implementation of any subsequent changes. You could always get started with the non-corner cabinets for your shop first, which would allow you to make progress on the other boxes while we make progress on the construction review.

As far as the drawer hardware, we’re planning to add additional customization options for drawer construction, sizing, and supported hardware down the road. You can turn the drawer slide mounting holes “off” so that the drill holes for the Blum Tandem slides aren’t machined. What types of slide/runner and hinge hardware do you most commonly use?

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Sounds good on the corner cabinet. As long as it isn’t some sort of serious issue with the construction (it’s a shop after all, so I don’t really need perfection, just decent strength).

I’m not a professional (or even hobbyist) cabinet maker—this is my first foray into cabinet making!

I know that under drawer mounts are becoming more common. For my needs, a generic 1/2"-wide side mount option is plenty, and can easily and cheaply be acquired in a wide array of styles and options. Pre-drilled holes would probably be only moderately helpful at best since they’d have to be for the specific drawer slide.

I’m trying to envision something that could help with slide alignment in a generic way, maybe an option to cut spacer blocks? If not for the slides, this could potentially be useful for attaching the drawer boxes themselves.