Easel Cabinetmaker Updates: 9/18/2023 - 9/22/2023

Upcoming Developments

  • Update drawer dado calculation for compatibility with 1/4" bits
  • Bug fix for camera resetting position in 3D scene
  • Construction review for 90° corner cabinets
  • Correct overlapping shelf pin and hinge plate holes
  • Automatically generate a detailed description of the project
  • Fields auto-populate with values from previous estimate for identical items
  • Add notes field to Estimate
  • Specify material grain direction in nesting calculation

In Progress

  • Options for square pulls and knobs
  • Users can select pull/knob finish color
  • Use the “all cabinets” view as thumbnail images for Easel Cabinetmaker projects
  • Improvements to automated regression testing
  • Drawer base cabinet construction review
  • Estimate values are saved on reloading/reopening projects

Released/Completed this week

  • Bug fix for camera position resetting when zooming
  • Bug fix for material rendering in Presentation View
  • Nesting algorithm comparison test
  • Revisions to cut list generation for maximum material yeild
  • Testing and tracking improvements
  • Estimate fields for labor and other costs
  • Total cost and profit value for all estimate fields

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend! Please feel free to reach out in this thread if you have questions, comments, or feedback related to this update.

Thank you to the entire team working so hard to make Easel Cabinetmaker the best it can be. It’s so wonderful to know our suggestions are taken into consideration when making changes to the program.

Looking forward to what’s coming next.