Easel chooses wrong bit for cut paths

I created a coin display in Easel with an 1/8" wide path for the slots and the software choose to cut it in the detail path (1/32" fishtail down cut) vs the rough in (1/8" fishtail down cut) which really doesn’t make any sense, makes the project take a lot longer and now I have 2 broken bits (1/32") to show for my effort. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Roughing: Feed 120 / Plunge 36 / Depth 0.625 / Fill & Plunge set to Pro

Detail: Feed 40 / Plunge 9 / Depth 0.625 / Fill set to Raster & Plunge set to Vertical (Pine Board)

Any help is greatly appreciated, H.

Set the width of your 1/8" path to be slightly larger than your 1/8" bit. That way it will trick it into the 1/8" bit and it will make a pass on both sides of the channel you are creating


I will try that thank you.

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