Easel - Complex Shapes

Hi All,

CNC newbie here, looking at getting a Carvey and have been playing a little with Easel to get my head around it.

I’m trying to figure out how one would create more complex shapes than just cutting out rectangles and circles and such?

What I mean is, what if I wanted to cut something like a door stop? Basically a rectangle where the cut gets deeper and deeper as you progress, so you wind up with a wedge shape. I realize you could cut it out as two triangles and a few rectangles and then assemble the final product, but it strikes me as you ought to be able to carve out the shape in one go.

Or, another example, perhaps I wanted to carve something shaped like a mouse, so basically a rounded surface.

Is where importing G-Code or something comes in? Will I be able to do this by the time Carvey ships?

Please correct me if I am misunderstanding the proper use of CNC and a carving machine.


Sounds like you want to do 3D.

First, you would need to get, and learn a 3D modelling app, then you use another app ((MeshCAM, V-Carve Desktop, estlcam)) to translate the 3D file into G-code, and send to the x-carve via UGS, Chilipeppr, etc.

Cool. I know and have 3D apps, I just wasn’t sure about pushing that data to the machine. I will look into UGS and Chillpepper. Thanks.

a work around would be to create a grayscale svg in inkscape. since easel bases its depth of cut on shades of gray it can cut 3d parts that way. there are tutorials online on how to do it possibly find them here on the forums

Easel is a 2.5D program. Basic cut outs and various levels. 2.5 programs do not handle slopes well.
You can create a slope with a gradient. Here is a thread where it is discussed.

Otherwise like TonyNo said, you need to use a 3D program.

I thought I heard somewhere that carvy will only work with easel, but no positive you may wanna check before going with the carvey and not the X-carve

Actually, according to the Carvey page (right at the bottom):

“We recommend our free software Easel which is designed to work seamlessly with Carvey. There are also many other available software options that range in price. As long as your software exports G-code and you have a G-code sender, it will work with Carvey.”

As long as that holds true, I should be good once I wrap my head around G-Code and related utilities.