Easel cutting out mid carve

Hey Team,

Have looked through the forum and didnt see anything on this…
In the middle of carving the X-carve disconnects from the brain or my comp disconnects from the brain, the progress bar stays put and I cant pause or stop it without resetting easel… also when im not cutting the little icon changes from green to blue randomly. Its quite frustrating, doing it on both of my laptops a mac and windows. could it be an internet connection problem or bad wiring somewhere? machine has been running fine for months…

have upgraded to makita spindle and stiffened the axis’s up but it was running fine after that mod was done.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I had this happen once or twice. I think it was due to a bad USB connection. Maybe try I different cord since it seems to happen on different computers for you. I think mine was a bad USB port on the from on my computer, switched it to the back and hasn’t happened since.

thanks, i will try all ports and see if theres a change

Did you happen to switch something on or off on the same power strip around the same time?

I had this happen with a shop vac on the same strip the other day. The spike on the shop vac caused just enough drop in power for the machine to stop moving except for the spindle. It is either that or the noise from the power line caused issues with the USB cable next to it.

im not sure if that was what did it the first few times but it definatly did at one point, i left vacuum off then turned on half way through to clean the mess and it cut out, just unusual it did it now and never before…so seems to be running fine again now

Yeah, it has only happened a few times for me, but with 240VAC and shop vacuums, the spikes are random, but more often it happens when the switch is flicked hard… if that is a thing.