Easel cutting outline of shape with detail pass bit (2 stage cut)

I am sure it’s user error but I have been fighting with this one long enough and need some help. I am doing a 2 stage cut and Easel is using the smaller bit to cut the shape and tabs out and I need it to use the larger bit (the small bit is too short to cut through my material). I tried using the offset tool but that did not help.

Here is a screenshot showing the line and tool paths from Easel: https://cl.ly/0U0J1A0q3A0X

How can I make the cut with the larger bit? I set the cut for the line in question to “outline” and “outside” but as you can see in the tool path Easel wants to do the cut with the detail bit.

Edit: I am going to use the multi part project option to fix this for now but if anyone knows how to do it w/o having to split my carves up that would be awesome.


You could use the option at the bottom of the workspace window to split the project up in to different parts. Copy your outline cut, create a new workspace, and paste it. It’ll Paste in the correct position. Then delete it from your first cut.

Well described Joseph.

Thabks! That’s what I’m doing now, I was not sure if it was the “best” way to solve the problem but I guess it is.

Thanks again for the reply.

Before that option you just set the cut distance to zero for that. What they have now is a nice alternative.