Easel cutting what it shouldn't be

Can you post your project? If you’d prefer, you can message it to me instead.

Oh, yeah I’ve reproduced it.

I’ve added it to the issue tracker, we will work on gettin a fix out.

Thanks for reporting this!!

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I’ve made it a habit to always check my toolpaths before cutting, especially on very long, complex, or very expensive projects. It’s saved my butt almost every time. Even if everything is fine in the toolpath, it reminds me to slow down so I don’t make a mistake. As Friar Lawrence said to Romeo, “Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast.”

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That’s really weird because the toolpaths it renders in the 3D preview are the same ones it cuts. Like, when you go to “Carve” it does the same exact operation as it does when you hit “Show Toolpaths.”

When I’ve reproduced this problem, the erroneous cuts showed up in the 3D preview. The 3D preview’s toolpaths are based on the gcode that was produced as a result of the objects on the canvas. See below:

If its behaving differently, could you please post a screenshot or link your project? Thanks

I’ve tried replicating this. Going by what you said, I took a shape and made it an outline cut. I sent that shape to the back. I put a larger shape over it, with a 0% fill. In the 3D preview the “underneath” shape still showed up, though it was all in red. It also showed up in the toolpaths and in the gcode.

the image here shows the blanketing shape at a non-0% fill, but it behaved the same either way.

I believe you.

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