Easel Design issues help!

Having used other design software in the past, I’m finding easel is not very user friendly. I cant lock any of the layers of a design which is making using easel extremely frustrating. Also i am using a brand new computer that is way over specs for the xcarve requirements and easel is slow and chunky. one of the draws of the machine is that it came with its own software. But im finding out that im probably going to have to use another design program and import into easel. which to me is also extremely frustrating. is anyone else frustrated with easel? can anyone suggest a better software that is compatible? as half of time spent on design is spent trying to get through easels quirks. Id hoped it was a professional design program, not a rinky dink cricket hobbyist feel

any of these will work with an xcarve.

Im kinda interested in how easel can possibly be slow and clunky on a new computer though… been working pretty smoothly for me even on my 3 year old laptop. And very fast on my new desktop.
Maybe you can share the easel project via the share link and we mjght be anle to identify any particular thing slowing it down…

But also the ability to lock design elements is present, easel doesnt exactly work in layers though…

But you could design in another softwsre and import desigjns SVG format works best.

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