Easel Design not showing full carve area

Ran Easel to make the rough cut (on Carvey) on this design and it was fine. Went to do the detail pass and now Easel says work area exceeds the size of the carve area. Nothing has changed. The dimensions are 12x8 and the simulator shows 12 inches, but the editor shows about 11.5. Anyone experienced this? I go to dimensions and type 12 over the 12, and the width still doesn’t change in the editor ;-(


According to the Inventables website, Carvey has a work area of 11.6" x 8" x 2.5":

Part of your design does extend beyond this 11.6" limit, it would seem. But how it didn’t get flagged up during the rough pass, I don’t know.

Easel Software lets XCarve owners set their machine parameters (work area bounds) in machine setup because the XCarve comes in several sizes (and some owners modify theirs to be unique sizes, as well). In the case of the Carvey, which is an enclosed system, you are restricted to 11.6" x 8" work area because that is all Carvey can reach. Even though you have stated your material is 12"x8", Carvey can’t reach part of it (if you look in the left panel, you can see the work area is the big white box with the gridlines in it, and your design does in fact extend outside of that big white box).

Thank you! I didn’t realize the restriction. I just assumed as it lets me put in 12 inches for the width, the waste board is marked to 12, etc. And, the rough pass worked, so I was stumped on the detail pass. Thankfully the rough pass got the out of bounds area, so I put a big zero depth rectangle over it and it finally finished the detailed pass.

Thanks again.

That’s a much better solution than I was going to offer (don’t ask… you don’t want to know! :slight_smile: ). I’m glad it’s sorted and you were able to finish the project.

I know this is older, but in case anyone sees this. my guess is that because on the roughing pass, the machine didnt need to go outside the working area. There is only a slight amount of the design out of the working area, and it probably only carved up to the very edge of the working area. To do the detailed pass it was going to go back through and take off a little more material, which is now outside of the working area.