Easel Design to send out to customers?

Afternoon all,

We have now set up our small business & have had a few requests for carvings. At the minute we are designing on easel then sending a screenshot of the “detailed view” to the customer for them to ok it.

Is there a way of sending a 3D image of the design to the customer, so it looks more professional, so they can see what it will look like?

Any help will be much appreciated.


I use the detail view and often manipulate the way it looks with changing depths and adding surrounding rectangles set to full depth. And get results like this… (these are all screenshots of the Easel Detail view)

And using some of the 2 color materials you can do this too

Kinda wish i could assing multiple colors, but this still looks okay with the 2 colors and then telling them that the stripes will be red/white :slight_smile:


Hi Seth,

Those designs look really good & looks a much better way to present to a customer.

Can I ask, did you just edit the screenshot & remove the background?


I’m sure @SethCNC will chime back in, but he’s adding a pocket that cuts full depth and removes all of the extra material. He wouldn’t actually cut them that way…just manipulates the preview.


Yep, and also setting the outline that would normally be set to “outside the line” as a pocket at 0 depth.

If by this you mean the excess material, then exactly what @NeilFerreri1 said.
If you mean to the grid lines, you can select the 3 dot button at the bottom right and hide the wasteboard :+1:


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