Easel doesn't recognize $SLP mode

I just put my machine to sleep, it was getting tired after a long day’s work…
Easel thought it was still good to go without an unlock/home command.

What version of GRBL are you using?
Is the machine executing the jog commands or are you just able to send them?

1.1 will sleep, but you have to home after so why not just power down.

Does not execute jog commands, hence lack of ‘ok’ responses.

Irrelevant. Software should recognize all states of the machine.
But, if I power down manually I can’t start it up remotely. Saves me two trips to the garage.

Your controller is working as it should. I guess you just don’t want Easel to let you click the jog buttons? You need to reset to get out of a sleep.

I understood this when I put the machine to sleep. I was pointing out a shortcoming in the software.

That’s what I figured. Easel looks like it’s correctly reporting the sleep state. What were you expecting?

Easel recognizing that it needs to run a homing/unlock before allowing you to carve.

So, Easel allowed you to start a carve while in a sleep state? I know it won’t actually carve. It recognizes the sleep state and correctly displays it. Should there be a pop up reminding the user they have to perform a reset?

I feel that it should give you the typical pop-up “need to home machine”. Instead it allows you to carve like normal.