Easel drawing not cutting to the depth

Hi new to the x carve and easel software, cutting out a shape and set the cutting depth to 11mm and when I finish the job it only cut down 4 mm , what could it be ? Thanks

I had the same issue and it ended up being that my Z axis zero point was off which made my machine think my waste board was higher than it actually was. This was easily recognizable though as it would make 2 passes before it actually started cutting into the material.

Verify the thickness of your probe and if that is correct then you need to calibrate your machine.

Thank you for the info , yes mine did that as well , I was cutting out a square and it cut 3 sides at 4 mm and one all the way really don’t know what happened there , just asking but did you find out the problem and fix it , thanks Marc

Thank you for the information, I did put a square on and it’s out , 3 mm out which I will fix soon , plus v wheel need adjustment plus belts , you say check the probe thickness , the brass thing ?

Also ensure the Z axis is low enough or else when it reaches the lower limit of travel it will simply not cut any deeper…

Thank you for the info , I have had the x carve for about three weeks and it’s been working fine up until the other day , I don’t have the new z axis, I have found that the z axis is not square to the table , about 3 mm out which I will fix soon , the machine is secondhand and don’t know a lot about it , so I fix up some things , belts checking, v wheel to be adjusted, and the z axis to be done , hope that will fix it

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