Easel drill function

Hi I am trying the drill function. It when straight to location and plunged straight down stalling the router. I have looked for setup in the program and don’t see it. Can anyone assist? Thanks

If you publish your project we can look at it.

What was your depth of cut?

I find it best and with least tearout if I set the depth so it takes around 3 passes to drill the holes.

I was making a bit caddy. The wood was 1.375. the holes where .500 and 1.0 deep. Also can you Peck drill with the drill option? Is so how to set it up. Thanks

For a half inch hole, I would probably set my depth of cut (DOC) at .17 so it takes 3 pecks to drill the holes to depth. I got tearout and a really hot bit when I tried to drill holes in one go (i.e. Setting DOC at .5 for a half inch hole).

I’m not sure what you mean here. Sorry.
So I have 1.375 thick wood
1 hole is 1/4 x .5 deep
1 hole is 1/4 x 1.0 deep
I use the drill feature to mark the location(s)
I use the app to make copies and place them on the wood.
So half of the shape is .5 deep and the rest is 1.0 deep
So how do I setup the Peck operation?

I may be wrong but i believe there is a Peck function over on the left side where your apps are at. Put your curser on each function over there and it will tell you what i does.

How do I publish it?

File>Share>Share with link>Save>Paste Link

The .25 hole where to be 1.0 deep not .1375 as thats the wood thickness as the file shows now. my bad

I would use a 1/8" bit for the 1/8" holes and a 1/4" bit for the 1/4" holes.
I used the convert circles to drill holes app to put the drill spots on the page.

EDIT: I don’t know where I got 1/8" holes so I made a third page and set
all the holes to drill using 1/4" bit.


Looks like you may be set, thanks to Russell.

I got caught up in something but made this earlier today for two different threads on the drill hole function. Possibly useful and possibly not. And of course, if I’m missing something on this function I hope someone points it out.

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