Easel Driver 0.3.13 released


We have released a new version (v 0.3.13) of the Easel Driver. Next time you carve in Easel, you will be prompted to update. Driver is available immediately to be downloaded for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu Linux at https://easel.inventables.com/downloads.

Release notes:

  • Addressed an issue with carves not finishing due to grbl error messages handling
  • Security updates

I’ve been having carves end on me lately (some quite short/simple) and tried a number of solutions with where I plug in, usb settings, buying a powered hub, vacuum use, etc. to no avail. Hoping this solves it.


If the problem persists with the new driver, if you click “Get help from Inventables” when Easel asks how the carve turned out, Easel will submit an error report with some diagnostic info that can help us figure out the problem.

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Good to know, thanks!

That sounds like you might be having noise issues on your limit switches. I ran many carves successfully, then suddenly started having problems like what you describe.

For now, I’ve turned off hard limits ($21=0, in machine inspector). I’m going to be ordering an opto isolator board to elminate the noise issue. Hopefully that will be a permanent fix.